Drawing on our network of experienced partners we offer a complete range of services, from feasibility studies and strategy advice to the full-scope implementation of new business models and greenfield projects.

Martin Schmidt, Partner


Token Economics

Are you planning on launching a token? Getting the economics right is key. Doing so requires a combination of expertise in crypto economics and a solid understanding of traditional finance and business model design. We advise corporate clients as well as crypto project to ensure that they get the maximum value out of their token project.

Decentralized Governance

Often overlooked, good governance is the foundation of value in any project. In a decentralized future, the successful projects will be those that get governance right. We support clients in analyzing and designing governance frameworks to achieve optimal results.


We offer a full range of tech-related services, from technical due diligence to full-scope implementation of blockchain projects. We support clients that are building their own blockchain solutions as well as clients who want to implement smart contract systems on existing public blockchains. Furthermore,we support development teams through code reviews and act as sounding boards for project sponsors and investors.

Portfolio Review

For financial investors, we perform portfolio reviews whereby we identify risks and opportunities in their digital asset portfolios. This includes setting up the right infrastructure for trading, storing and administering their digital assets. Additionally, we deliver tailor-made strategies based on the risk, return and liquidity preferences of investors.


Blockchain strategy for wikimedia

For the non-profit organization Wikimedia, Postera developed a comprehensive blockchain strategy. Together with top management, we identified functional areas where existing services could be improved and where new services could be developed on the basis of blockchain and other decentralized approaches. The documentation resulted in a full White Paper. Actionable roadmaps for implementation with limited risk were developed for the most promising areas. Finally, we developed a comprehensive playbook that supports future initiatives for all other areas.

Implementation of a token startup-project

For a successful entrepreneur and investor, Postera has developed a  novel token project. As project leaders, we have designed and implemented all aspects relevant to the project, including token economics and funding mechanism, the distribution and marketing strategy of the token as well as its key features, including integrated incentive and governance mechanisms. Key success factors are a clear formulation of the project’s goals, the development of a project plan and professional execution.

Portfolio review for an institution

An institutional investor approached us with their portfolio of digital assets. First, we reviewed the individual assets regarding risks and opportunities from the perspectives of finance, technology and governance. We supported the client setting up the right infrastructure for trading, storing and administering their digital assets. Finally, we reviewed and implemented a tailor made crypto trading strategy.

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